The Rusty Bistro.

How about a beautiful light sandwich or Turkish roll made fresh this morning.

It's Rump Day.

Come down to the Cootamundra Country Club and get a rump and chips.

We are excited to announce that we are now doing takeaway pizzas!

Our Pizza menu is listed below. To order your pizza call 0423087436

Great tasting fresh food.

Come down to the Cootamundra Country Club, grab a drink from the bar, sit and relax while we cook you your favourite meal.

Welcome to The Rusty Bistro Website

Welcome to The Rusty Bistro, run by the award winning restaurant The Rusty Table. We are located at 94 Hurley street, Cootamundra. We offer a diverse range of cuisine were patrons are able to rejoice in the relaxing atmosphere of the Country Club.

Our mission to you is that we make it easy for our customers to book tables and enjoy our delicious food and beverages.

Our vision as the Rusty Team is to accomplish our dreams of providing the best food and atmosphere to our community.

Our promise to you, is to continue producing fresh and tasty seasonal foods and to support local business.